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If you suffer from chronic pain and at-home treatments don’t relieve it, laser procedures might be the solution you’ve been looking for. At Essential Medical Care, family medicine physician Vickie James, MD, uses photo modulation laser therapy to relieve acute and chronic pain. To learn more about laser procedures, schedule an appointment by calling the office in College Park, Georgia, or booking one online today.

Laser Procedures Q&A

What are laser procedures?

Laser procedures use concentrated light energy to relieve acute and chronic pain. At Essential Medical Care, Dr. James offers photo modulation laser therapy to treat pain caused by underlying medical conditions, sports injuries, and general wear-and-tear.

If you regularly experience pain and it doesn’t respond to treatments like ice, rest, or over-the-counter pain medicine, make an appointment at Essential Medical Care today.

How do laser procedures work?

During laser procedures, Dr. James applies a wand-like device to the surface of your skin. The device emits targeted light energy (photons) that penetrate your skin and soft tissues.

When the light comes into contact with your cells, it causes changes at the molecular level. These changes trigger a series of physiological reactions that increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and restore your body’s health.

Laser procedures are minimally invasive and require no downtime. Following your appointment at Essential Medical Care, you can return to work, school, or other routine activities right away.

What problems can laser procedures treat?

At Essential Medical Care, Dr. James uses laser procedures to treat various issues, including:

Acute and chronic pain

Photo modulation laser therapy provides a quick and convenient way to treat pain caused by arthritis, general wear-and-tear, a fracture, or a strain. Depending on how severe your pain is, Dr. James could recommend a series of laser treatments spaced several weeks apart.


If you suffer from chronic inflammation caused by an underlying medical condition, Dr. James might recommend treating you using a laser procedure. Laser therapy causes your arteries and lymph vessels to grow; a process called vasodilation.

When vasodilation occurs, lymphatic drainage increases, reducing inflammation, swelling, and edema. What’s more, the process encourages your body’s natural healing process.

Sports and other activity-related injuries

If you play organized sports or work a physically demanding job, Dr. James might recommend photo modulation laser therapy to relieve the side effects of an injury. Laser procedures can be used along with physical therapy and other treatments to speed up the healing process.

Are laser procedures safe?

Laser procedures are safe and usually well-tolerated. Even so, it’s essential to carefully follow Dr. James’ recovery instructions. The closer you follow your treatment plan, the more likely you will experience long-lasting, satisfactory results.

To learn more about the benefits of laser procedures, make an appointment at Essential Medical Care. Call the office or book an appointment online today.