Dana Wilson, DNP

Doctor of Nursing Practice located in College Park, GA

About Dr. Wilson

Dr. Wilson is a nationally board certified family nurse practitioner with over 20+ years of experience. Dr. Wilson specializes in family medicine, behavioral health, chronic care management (diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, hyperlipidemia etc..), hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss and peptide therapy. Dr. Wilson also specializes in Nexplanon placement ,management  and removals. Dr. Wilson received three degrees from Chamberlain University in Downers Grove, IL. Dr. Wilson earned her Bachelor of Nursing degree, her Master's Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner, and her Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree with a concentration in Healthcare Systems Leadership. Dr. Wilson is also an active member of the following organizations: United Advance Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia (UAPRN), The Black Nurse Practitioner Association (BNPA), and American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Dr. Wilson also holds a national board certification from AANP.